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Bernard Tannoury

Chairman & CEO Benta SAL 


How do you perceive Lebanon’s 100th anniversary?

As Lebanon marks its century, Lebanon never fully healed from its wars and infighting because it remained a country based on sectarian politics. We have always had high hopes for our nation despite all the hardships we are still enduring since the civil war. 

However, as we mark the centenary of modern Lebanon, let us remember what we can offer: the gift of a committed and united community.


How did you experience the catastrophe of August 4th? 

The explosion of Beirut and parts of the capital on August 4, 2020 devastated the hearts of all Lebanese citizens and expatriates. The immediate physical, material and emotional toll suffered by the Lebanese people is massive. It is something which we have never experienced even through the many wars that Lebanon has endured. We tried to convert our feelings of devastation and sorrow by springing into action and lending a helping hand to our affected brothers and sisters.


Do you consider that Lebanon can become a real nation? 

Lebanon is a real nation, it is just suffering from a cancerous few, once eradicated we will become healthy again.


Have you been considering immigration?

Never did, Never will! 


In these historic days, what would be your own « Declaration for Lebanon »?

We have already started putting our resources at the disposal of those who need them and who have been affected by this terrible devastation. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have perished and those who are still struggling to find their missing loved ones. 

Lebanon, I want you to be free, safe as well as content; as incurable and awkward as you have been, know that I have always loved you and will always love you. I have been by your side all these years and through all your experiences and I shall remain.


We will not Surrender!



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