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Confessions in times of Corona : Brahim Samaha


Brahim Samaha, painter and founder of cabriolet film festival


Do you think this crisis will lead to a change? And if so, how?

Yes, this situation will lead to a positive and negative change

Positively, the people will get closer, families as well, friends also. The environment is changing as well and the pollution is decreasing a lot.

Negatively, it will affect the Lebanese economy that is already suffering a lot. People are becoming poorer, hunger is striking, and many are losing their jobs


What is your daily routine in confinement?   

Actually, nothing changed much for me during the confinement. I am painter so I spend my days in my workshop working and painting. And since the city is calmer now I am more inspired and focused on my art. This situation is inspiring me a lot and I am painting day and night.. and who knows.. might be working on a new exhibition very soon. 


From the simple pleasures of an active life, what do you miss the most?

Meeting with my friends at night over a drink in a cool pub, chatting with them, spending good moments. I also miss being with my students and working on new cultural events with them.


What don't you miss?  

Beirut’s crazy traffic, the hectic daily life, running around, doing many things at the same time. I am just trying to enjoy the moment as much as possible. 


To avoid boredom, what do you suggest to our readers:

Now that we are working on our 12th edition for Cabriolet Film festival, I am focusing on short movies …I suggest people to watch shorts they are deep and in 1 day they can be inspired by many ideas :


BOOKS : Read again Gebran Khalil Gebran or Michael Naimy again, there is another perception by reading them now 


A word of encouragement 

Enjoy the moment. Everything is temporary 



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