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‘Dasrum ensemble’, a traditional Korean music


The Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Beirut presents a traditional Korean music concert by Dasrum ensemble. Young Dae Kwon, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Lebanon, speaks to Agenda Culturel.

Would you please present to our readers Dasrum ensemble? 
DASRUM is the premier Korean Music Ensemble. It was formed in 1990 by eight female musicians who dreamed of keeping the Korean classical music alive and of opening up new horizons for this music genre. 
Until now, DASRUM has a record of 600 performances. During these performances, the Ensemble presented the Korean classical music in a uniquely creative way and brought it closer to new generations by shedding light on its new aesthetics in a refined modern sense.
What makes DASRUM so unique is that its feminine spirit reflects in soft sensitive music played by beautiful modern Korean females. It is also important to mention that members of the DASRUM ensemble are key composers and musicians in other leading chamber orchestras and they occupy important positions in the Korean music scene.

Why is it only composed of female musicians?
Korea is a society that greatly believes in gender equality and women empowerment and works towards that goal. Being formed of only female musicians, DASRUM reflects women’s role in creating the beauty of music and culture. This gives the ensemble its unique charm, especially since the ladies are focused on keeping the very unique Korean classical music and musical instruments alive and on sharing them with the whole world. 

What is the program of the performance?
The program is very interesting as it includes a selection of royal court music, shaman music, Sinabaennori rhythms and the Pansori and Arirang folk songs, all traveling through melodies of great sorrow and tunes of excitement and vigor. There will also be a contribution by the beautiful Lebanese musician Ms. Daline Jabbour, who will join DASRUM with her Oud.

At this event Lebanese culture will be meeting Korean culture. How can you describe this mix?
It pleases me to see this cultural interaction between Lebanon and Korea. We have many cultural and historical aspects in common which makes the connection between our two peoples smooth and easy. Cultural diplomacy is a very useful means to bridge cultures, and through these types of activities, we can create a better understanding of the other, in a joyful cultural atmosphere.
I look forward to seeing many Lebanese people coming to enjoy this concert on Tuesday July 9, 2019 at 7 PM at the Sunflower Theatre in Tayouneh. The concert is free and open to all.




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