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Confessions in times of Corona : Noha Wadi Moharram



In these unique moments of global confinement, Agenda Culturel goes to meet artists and cultural actors to listen to their feelings in times of Corona.

Noha Wadi Moharram, Founder & Galerist of Art on 56th

@arton56th / www.arton56th.com


Do you think this crisis will lead to a change? And if so, how?

A very critical situation. Hope we will be able to overcome this challenge, but we have to stay positive in these times.


What is your daily routine in confinement?

It’s a bless to be lockdown at home with my family. I start my day with meditation, I am mainly working from home, but I am also helping my kids with their online classes and homework, working-out, cooking, reading, and lots and lots of music it’s my way to overcome stress.


From the simple pleasures of an active life, what do you miss the most?

I miss my gallery, my team, Art on 56th artists, art collectors, my daily routine.


What don't you miss?

Stress and anxiety about our economy. God bless OUR LEBANON


To avoid boredom, what do you suggest to our readers:


I am reading Art Thinking by Amy Whitaker.

I like Kaph books, and Dar Onboz when reading with my son.



I don’t watch TV a lot but given the confinement I am watching the Crown on netflix



Meanwhile art collectors and art lovers can check our website www.arton56th and our social media @arton56th



I can’t limit myself lots and lots of Classical Music. Big fan of Chopin.



Lebanese cuisine is my favorite .


A word of encouragement

Everything will fall into place when the time is right


About our future projects :

We are going to continue being part of Beirut’s art scene to spread culture and hope to this world.

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