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Sandmoon is back with a new heartfelt album “Put a gun/Commotion”


Sandmoon is back with a new heartfelt album “Put a Gun/Commotion”, a versatile and  honest collection of songs mixing indie rock, dreampop, folk & blues with an oriental shimmer and cinematographic feel. The songs’ subject matters are - as the title suggests, intense and gripping and tackled with passion. Yet, from the rawness of the Commotion; the break-ups, the corruption, the deaths, there always comes out something pure and ethereal. A revival. From fuzzy guitars on Angels to swelling soundscapes on Ode to a Sparrow, from grungy vocals on Fiery Observation to ambient, echoey vocals on Empty, from the lushness of Put a Gun/Commotion to the bareness of Sitting on a Bench.


Things in the past months – both in Lebanon & worldwide, have been tumultuous, unexpected, unreal to say the least. Releasing “Put a Gun/Commotion” in this context is a special experience, as the collection of songs - written using the technique of automatic writing, reflect the present state of commotion. 


Put A Gun/Commotion is the follow up to the 2018 EP Beirut-Berlin Session produced by Victor Van Vugt (Nick Cave, PJ Harvey). 


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