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Meet the influencers: Sarah Yassine Fawaz


Sarah Yassine Fawaz, MAMA COOK

Your social media link: Instagram : Mamas.Joy


How are you living your lockdown?

For the first days, it was not easy at all, because like all moms these days, I have to pay attention to my children's homework and online classes, and stay tuned to my instagram account and give recipes. But eventually, I got used to this lockdown and I finally accepted the fact that we remain confined.


During this period, I’ve realized that women are getting crazy at home, so I decided to add some flavor to their life by creating two hashtag. The first one is : #بالبيت_خليك (stay home) and the second one #بالمطبخ_خليك (stay in the kitchen). Obviously, I didn't create this hashtag to let people eat all the time, but I did it so that women would keep their day busy and learn how to make new recipes.


From your active life, what do you miss the most?

I miss my life. I miss walking and especially near the sea. I really want to walk and get some fresh air.

I also miss driving my car, hanging out with my friends, being with all my family, and most of all I miss a lot my COOKING CLASSES !


What don't you miss?

The stress of a busy life. I am a mom of two kids who used to take them out every day of the week-ends and holidays and I really don’t miss that. I’ve realized that being home is not that bad for my kids and that it is not necessary to go out so often. Actually, I was confused where to take them out every day.

But thanks to this lockdown, I know they could do a lot of things at home too.


How do you think life will be after Corona?

People got used of staying home, and they have changed. I am a positive person. I know that this crisis will be tough on everyone, but I trust that everything will improve and be great and better, even for our currency. Everything will change for the better, I'm pretty sure.


A word of encouragement to our readers

Tomorrow is a blooming day, stay positive!



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