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Meet the influencers: Maya Nassar Maalouf


Maya Nassar Maalouf, Fitness entrepreneur and international fitness model champion



How are you living your lockdown?

I have been staying home and practicing social distancing. My sister has been staying with me and her 3 kids and we have all been in quarantine together. My day is divided between exercising, doing online work and spending time with my children and my family. I haven’t seen my friends since the start of quarantine.


From your active life, what do you miss the most?

I miss going to work, seeing my friends and going out! I miss my normal daily routine and find it difficult to stay home all the time.  


What don't you miss?  

Perhaps I don’t miss late nights! During quarantine, I sleep very early and tend to wake up really early, even sometimes before my kids. With normal life, I always get invited to dinners, events or other occasions and don’t always get to sleep really early.


How do you think life will be after Corona?

I think it will be a while before people are able to be normal again. I believe that people will be scared of catching the virus and might avoid crowded spaces. I also think people will be more aware of health and will take more precautions to stay healthy and take care of themselves.


A word of encouragement to our readers

Stay strong and never lose hope. We will all get through this together and eventually things will be normal again. Listen to the medical advice and stay home until it is safe to go out again.


What are your projects?

I am currently in the process of finalizing pregnancy e-books which will be available on my e-shop via my website. My e-books will cover information, advice, what to expect, diet plans and exercise programs for pregnant women. The books are fully credible and are endorsed by a gynecologist.  



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