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Meet the influencers: Lyne Gandour


Lyne Gandour, Dancer, Entrepreneur



How are you living your lockdown?

I definitely did not do well the first month. As a business owner, I felt all sorts of responsibilities fall on my shoulders. All I thought about was how to support my team & members. I’ve spent a good month just planning, testing, researching ways to stand by everyone- as a friend, sister, human.  

That month was HEAVY- but I’m so happy I went through with it.

Right now, I feel so much lighter. I have put my couple of gazillion “worries” aside & learned to truly make the most out of this experience! So far, it’s working!


From your active life, what do you miss the most?

I am all about human connection. I miss the energy I get from my dance home. This dance academy has always been my happy bubble, in all sorts of ways. The warmth, the smiles, the music, the laughs. Seeing my members has always given me a sense of purpose.

I never imagined being away for so long!


What don't you miss?  

My FAST paced marathon life! It was always a goal of mine to learn how to slow down!​


How do you think life will be after Corona?

That’s one thing I don’t want to over think. There will definitely be a big phase of adaptation, but I am staying positive!


A word of encouragement to our readers

Whatever it is, always make the best out of it!




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