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Meet the influencers: Lana Daoud


Lana Daoud, Brand Ambassador




How are you living your lockdown?

I’m actually very thankful for and positive about this lockdown.

I can’t deny that it has been a challenge for humanity as well as for myself. I’m a very sociable person and coping with the current health and governmental limitations is indeed a challenge for me. However, never in my life have I worked out in such a consistent way, or ate that healthy, or learnt a new additional language, or even spent that much time with my family! And thanks to this lockdown, I finally am doing all of these things. I used to take “me” time way too seriously back when life was normal, and I think it gives the person the power to reflect, reconsider and reset her or his priorities. But I never imagined that “me” time could someday become that long! And I still took advantage of it by discovering new skills and motives I never knew I had in me.

I know that we might come across words like these a lot these days but take the time to really think about them: if your family is safe and healthy, if you have a roof over your head, and if you have food to eat, YOU ARE VERY LUCKY!


From your active life, what do you miss the most?

I find power, love and excitement in interacting with people. I am someone very outgoing and I love going out, discovering new places, hanging out with people I love, and even meeting new ones! It is unfortunate that I do not get to do these things given the situation, but that

has indeed helped me realize how much efforts one should employ to preserve the relations she or he has with others when you cannot see them. I also miss going to university! I am very passionate about my major (Marketing) and I feel so lucky for having very professional and experienced professors yet so saddened that I cannot attend their live classes. Nevertheless, all of them have been doing so much efforts to keep their students motivated and to cover all the materials virtually, and for that I am forever grateful.


What don't you miss?

I don’t miss my unhealthy eating habits! As much as I am saddened that a lot of local businesses are being affected by the situation, not being able to order or eat outside the house are things that have been in my favor! I thought that I wouldn’t miss traffic, but I actually do miss sitting in my car with music on and watching life just happen around me.


How do you think life will be after Corona?

I HOPE that people will have more appreciation for the little things… a smile from a stranger, a hello from an old lady or man, going to the supermarket, chill nights with friends, university

classes, parties, waking up early, driving, a hug, going out without a mask and gloves…and the list goes on of the things we used to take for granted, every single day! I really hope that this quarantine has helped people change their perspective about life.


A word of encouragement to our readers

Allow yourself to be lazy sometimes. Do not feel stressed to cook, workout, text people or work everyday. Whenever you’re stressed out, give yourself a break! Don’t watch the news, take a nap, have a bubble bath or do anything that makes you happy and comfortable! Trying to keep up with the pace of other people’s lives will only drain you. Trust the universe, trust the process, trust your fate, keep in mind that this is just a phase that you will overcome, and think of how beautiful life will become once all of this is over!

Trust me, you’ll miss having that much free time!


What are your projects?

I am focusing on interesting senior year university projects as well as social media projects along with / @feel22beauty on Instagram.



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