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Meet the influencers: Joy Tassidis


Joy Tassidis, lifestyle influencer




How are you living your lockdown?

I’m trying to live the lockdown in the most positive way possible, eating a lot and taking this free time to socialize a lot with my community on instagram, focusing on my family’s chocolate shop @shi_wow, working on some of my hobbies and developing new ones such as baking and cooking, trying to work on myself and most importantly paying attention to what absences have brought me peace during this isolation. All in all, just trying to be the most positive and productive possible.


From your active life, what do you miss the most?

I’m someone who rarely spends time at home (always traveling, road tripping, and generally going out a lot), so honestly the quarantine life is way different than what my lifestyle is. So, in general, what I really miss is going out and creating content wherever I go.


What don't you miss?

Actually, as surprising as it might seem and even though my life seems “chill”, I almost always have a full schedule. So, I don’t miss at all living in a rush and basically having a lot of things to do in a very limited time. I find it really calming to have a little bit of free time for a once and not have to constantly overthink to fit everything in my schedule.


How do you think life will be after Corona?

I have no idea of what life will be like after Corona, but what I hope is that everyone (including me) will realize that everything could stop at any moment. I am surely going to get out of it more human and I think the biggest loss is to get out of this situation without learning any lessons from it.


A word of encouragement to our readers

Stay safe, try to take this period as a gift from the universe in order to relax, think about your priorities in life, detox from toxic people, do more of what makes you happy, and most importantly, stay kind. Better days are coming for all of us!


What are your future projects?

I am currently working on is my family’s chocolate shop @shi_wow and my personal blog @joytassidis



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