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Leading with the heart

27/10/2019|Najla Ammouri

Long time ago I promised myself to control my emotions and not to cry over someone or something , it was hard to be away from my country when this wonderful movement started, I was emotional and I couldn't help it...

This situation pushed me to dig deep in my soul and to have a plan of action.
first of all we need a new mission statement, a new motto, a new blue print.
We need to start burning all bridges that no longer serving us.
We need to conquer inner and outer challenges with optimism rather than doubt, in order for us to discover peace and to sleep with clear conscience, we need to remember that before we can change someone else we need to change ourselves, we need to speak with our actions not our words, we need to deepen our roots and keep growing : mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, we need to turn setbacks into triumphs and to have new trunk to hang on to.
In life we have choices, we can complain, bad mouth the people who are in charge, feel sorry for ourselves or make the most out of the situation.

We can't understand with our mind (this old machine that can only help us to survive), how the revolution started, I believe we Lebanese people reached a threshold that pushed us to seek a miracle, it is the collective consciousness that created this euphoric space for all of us to be reunited under one goal, today we should start leading with the heart, together no matter what is our background, culture, religion let's keep the momentum going, let's tell the whole world that we Lebanese people are "avant garde" we dance, sing to stay in a peace state this how we do our manifestation, this how we attract what we focus on : love and peace.
I came to my country to join every women in this revolution, I was surprised to know that Lebanese women are not scared anymore, they don't want to stay oppressed, they said no more, not another day, they crossed the front line.
We have a song that we want to share with the world we believe that the future of humanity is in the hands of women with all our respect to men.
From this point we have to start rising above abuse individually and socially, I am not saying the journey is easy but once we come to terms with it it's only then when we start overcoming itand start living.
Let's shine brighter than ever, let's replace our fear with hope and determination, let's connect to our north pole star -our purpose- that can show us the way and keep us on track,let's leave Lebanon for our kids better than the one we inherited, we women are closer to our emotion and intuition let's get the best out of this strength and use it to the benefit of this revolution that is in our families and in the public places, in this precious moment of change, let's lead with the heart let's step up and set new standards .
Let's commit to be the best version of ourselves, like this we can break the bad patterns and show our kids that they can model healthy parents, this is our revolution, it is based on modeling excellence, knowing what we really want and keep changing our approach until we get the results we want
Let's lead with the heart, we don't need to follow blindly anyone, let's create not destroy, let's be a force for good#leading with the heart#


Photo ©Elie Bekhazi



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