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Elia Koussa is chosen for the Anna Amalia competition for young guitarists


The European union of music competitions for youth (EMCY), hosting the biannual international Anna Amalia competition for young guitarists by the Weimar Guitar Association, have chosen for its 15th edition, ‘6 Genera Studies’ by the lebanese composer Elia Koussa as a part of its competition program as the only contemporary piece to be played by the 2nd and 3rd age groups of participants. 


The Weimar based biannual competition started in 1993 and was originally a national event. Its organiser, the Weimar Guitar Association gradually built up its profile and in 1999 – Weimar’s year as European Capital of Culture – the competition became international. It was accepted as a member of EMCY in 2004.

The 15th edition will take place online.



Age group I

Free program from at least three different epochs, including a classical *, and a contemporary piece (total duration 12 – 15 min)


Age group II

(Total time: 17-20 min)

a) 1-2 sentences from: 6 Genera Studies by Elia Koussa, a second selection will follow shortly

b) an original classical work *

c) free program


Age group III

I round: (Total duration: 12 – 15 min)

a) one of the following studies by Mauro Giuliani from op.48: No. 15, 16, 17, 22, 23 or 24

b) 1-2 sentences from: 6 Genera Studies by Elia Koussa, a second selection will follow shortly

c) free program

Final: (Total time: 17-20 min)

a) an original classic *

b) free program


*Original work by a composer from the 1st half of the 19th century, who was born before 1800, such as Aguado, Carcassi, Carulli, Giuliani, Paganini (no violin caprices), Sor




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