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Confessions in times of Corona : Wissam Saliba


Wissam Saliba, Actor-Singer.



Do you think this crisis will lead to a change? And if so, how?

This crisis like may big shifts in the world will lead to many changes.

It has become very obvious and I do not need to repeat it in detail that the amount of self-awareness and self-importance and love will increase. People are realizing how efficient and “enough” they are. That certain and most distractions around them are not necessary and were just things to numb ourselves and stop ourselves from facing a certain truth. No matter how painful it is. There is a road to healing that people need when they look inward, but it has the good type of pain that is beautiful and very truthful on the other side.

I feel there will be a shift also in the economics of the world. This shift has already started but people will know what they are putting “stock” into after this. Especially all the younger generations. Things of worth will be based less on money and more on its actual essence. I believe that will decrease a lot the social structures we see today.


What is your daily routine in confinement?

Reading. Sports. I am in love with nature and I am blessed with having empty hiking trails and beautiful views next to my house. I get to take advantage of that from time to time as well. Also farming which has proven to be the truest medicine and an activity that is beyond beautiful and meditative. I am also a big gamer so I love playing video games as well J


From the simple pleasures of an active life, what do you miss the most?

I would say I miss people and the feeling of togetherness. But it is not a feeling that I long for as in I don’t mourn that it is not here. It will come soon enough. Everything happens for a reason and the togetherness that we will have in the future will be a lot deeper.


What don't you miss?

The question suggest that I disliked a few things before, yet I always worked hard to or stayed away from anything that didn’t work with me. But we could always do with less traffic 


To avoid boredom, what do you suggest to our readers:

BOOKS : All Mitch Album Books. Perfect for quarantine 


TV SHOWS : So many but I will go now with The Crown.


APP TO DOWNLOAD : Can’t help you there 


PODCAST OR YOUTUBE TO FOLLOW : Ricky Gervais. All his podcast episodes from the ricky Gervais show and his current lives.


MUSIC : So many. But I am focusing more now on jazz 


COOKING RECIPE: You ever tried an omlette but before you add the eggs you heat up green garlic with a little bit of oil and then add the eggs and scramble them? Heaven


A word of encouragement

Everything happens for a reason and everything has more than one perspective. It all depends on the perspective you’re looking out from


The project you are working on

Well a new series called 2020 was slated for Ramadan but we are going to continue shooting in a couple of weeks if all safety measures pass through. So look out for it during the summer 



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