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Confessions in times of Corona : Tatiana Kaadou


Tatiana Kaadou, Legal Practitioner 



How are you living your lockdown? 

I have mixed feelings about it. Sometimes I just tell myself that I just needed this break, to be pulled out from my “fast-life”, the stressful routine and the need to be keeping up with everything at once… I feel at peace with the fact that I am able to take the time for myself; to reflect, rest, plan ahead, de-clutter, work, read, cook, exercise, run… doing things that I don’t have the time for usually and thinking that we are all in the same boat, not missing out on anything because the whole planet is under coronavirus lockdown. Other times, and lately, I’ve been quite apprehensive about what’s coming next, the uncertainty, our Country’s future, our own future. So I’m constantly pulled between two contradicting directions… Fortunately, meditation, yoga, and my daily workouts are my go-to to relieve the anxiety and pressure. I try to organize myself, my time and make the most out of it despite getting lazy at times sticking to Netflix, binge watching shows for the day however I try to not make a habit out of that. Lastly, I restrict my exposure to news (information detox) to avoid being submerged and overwhelmed with so many information. In fact, I love this quote by Chris Hardwick, “We’re not in an information age anymore. We’re in the information management age.”


From your active life, what do you miss the most?

I miss being allowed to go out without restrictions, being reunited with my loved ones at any time of the day anywhere, I miss human connection and giving hugs, going for a walk around the city, working in my office, enjoying life’s little pleasures that I surely and undoubtedly took for granted.


What don't you miss?  

The traffic, the pollution and the daily stress.


How do you think life will be after Corona?

If Corona taught us something, it would be the lesson that everything around us is temporary and everything around us can slip in the blink of an eye. Hopefully this life-changing experience will change people’s attitude and behavior towards the better, making them more compassionate and socially responsible – we shouldn’t get out of this unchanged but rather learn to stop taking our home, our family, our loved ones, our job, our routine, our planet and its resources for granted. Everything around us is a blessing.  


A word of encouragement to our readers

ADAPT. You must learn to adapt because as Charles Darwin said it so well “The most important factor in survival is neither intelligence nor strength but adaptability”.


Your upcoming projects

I have many ongoing upcoming dear projects to my heart which I will be sharing in due time…




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