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August 4th at 6.08 Beirut time… changed our lives


It’s a new week, and yet we’re still devastated, still under shock.

The Tony Ward Headquarters was severely damaged by the explosion on different levels; from the showroom and offices to the Ateliers. 


“I’m still under shock… I’m disturbed, anxious, drained and this feeling of being ”empty” has been haunting me.

My team & I are trying to pick up the broken pieces and rebuild what has been destroyed. I need to remove these horrific scenes from my eyesight as it’s hard to erase them from my memory, my heart is broken.

Luckily no one got severely injured while it happened at a time when most of my team was still at work. 

I would recall this, as the saddest memory of my life….” - Tony Ward


We will overcome this, our Ateliers now reopened and we're back to work… but on a personal level, we’re still digesting it.

We pray for the lost souls, the homeless, the jobless, the traumatized, the children… 

We pray for our #Lebanon.




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