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All I want for christmas is you, Sarah Mansour


Sarah Mansour is an RnB-Pop artist whose dreamy harmonies will leave you feeling sensual and nostalgic. The Lebanese-American singer best describes her music as niche but for everyone. Sarah’s style is inspired by her time in Los Angeles, though she also draws from her Lebanese roots. Recently, she released her debut single “When You Call” and soon after followed with “Heaven Knows”, featuring Taxi 404 rapper, Aminn. Sarah is a big advocate for staying true to yourself and hopes for others to feel empowered by this message through her music.

Mariah Carey’s hit is Sarah’s go-to song for the holidays, so she decided to record it her own way as a little gift to her listeners. Fueled by RnB/Soul synths, this track embodies a sultry, sensual feeling and puts Sarah’s harmonic layers in the spotlight - just in time for Christmas celebrations and perfect for a lovers’ cozy night in.


Watch + listen HERE


Photo : Flo Husseini



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