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'Wander Beirut': A comprehensive guidebook on the fabled city of Beirut


Beirut is, undoubtedly, one of the most talked about cities in the world. It continuously births vivid stories that become the subject of worldwide discussion. From the tumultuous Civil War era and political discordances that shape its legacy, to the more recent triumphant cultural expressions led by talented thinkers and artists, the small city of Beirut is a tireless creator of far-reaching anecdotes that demand to be examined and explored. 

Lynn and Yasmine, two locals and dear friends, joined forces to co-create the guidebook ‘Wander Beirut’, a product of their mutual appreciation and love for the capital. Through their first shared publication, they illustrate and relate the city’s complex being through whimsical collage-style illustrations, in-depth portrayals of Beirut’s main districts, compelling encounters with captivating locals, as well as tips and tricks to enjoy the city and its surroundings. 

“There is enough about this city to make anybody want to drift off into a daydream. It was our mission to bring forward all that we, as locals, admire about Beirut and to share its brilliance with anyone willing to explore it”, Lynn and Yasmine said in a joint statement. 

Charlotte Hamaoui, Managing Director, Turning Point adds: “As we celebrate our twentieth year in publishing, we are delighted to be releasing, ‘Wander Beirut’, a fresh and contemporary Beirut guide. It’s a double pleasure for us, as we started our publishing journey in 1999 with a guide on Beirut. So, twenty years later we find ourselves coming full circle, still with the same enthusiasm for our compelling city.” 

About the Author
A passion for writing led Lynn Soubra to pursue a brief but rewarding career in journalism and copywriting before moving to Spain in 2017 to complete a Master’s Degree in Corporate Marketing and Communication from IE University in Madrid. Currently, she is working as a Marketing Executive in Dubai, but is still keeping her love for writing alive through her personal work. ‘Wander Beirut’ is Lynn’s way of giving thanks to a city she called home for 24 memorable years.

About the Designer/Illustrator
Yasmine Darwiche is a Lebanese designer who graduated from the American University of Beirut with a BA in Graphic Design. She spends a considerable amount of time strolling through the streets of Beirut, capturing photographs of her environment and later transforming her experience into a series of illustrative visuals. Her attachment to the community has led her to experiment within different fields of design. Her work was exhibited at several locations in the city, and she is currently working as a freelance graphic designer. 

Published by Turning Point 
May 2019 
Written by Lynn Soubra
Illustrated and Designed by Yasmine Darwiche
224 pages, paperback
ISBN 978-9953-972-12-1
16 USD/24,000 LL




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