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For the 100th anniversary of the proclamation of Greater Lebanon, Agenda Culturel is providing the cultural, business and medical Lebanese figures with a platform to share their thoughts and emotions, and proclaim their own statement, one century later, and one month after the ruthless apocalypse that befell Beirut.

Nadine El Khoury

Chief operating Officer at Robinson Agri


How do you perceive Lebanon’s 100th anniversary?

A centenarian, is someone who has lived to see 100 years, he or she has probably lived a full life and usually feels at peace when the end is near. However, when nations celebrate a century, be it a union or an independence, they celebrate this milestone with pride. How I feel today about Lebanon's 100th anniversary is definitely not without frustration and sadness.


How did you experience the catastrophe of August 4th?

We are still experiencing this catastrophe; it is not in the past. What feels to me like a genocide in its deliberate notion and a heavy feeling of anger as it could have been entirely avoided. People would still be alive and well, businesses and institutions would still be operational, our port would still be fully functional and a big part of our capital’s heritage would still be erect. But a time machine is not an option, the damage is already done.


Do you consider that Lebanon can become a real nation?

Yes, it can, but under a different set up. Lebanon is anything but monotone and it has seen its share of wars, but like many complex countries, it can survive the complications and strained socio-political situation and restore its national identity. A country whose people enjoy liberal values, a rich history and a love for their homeland has a chance if drastic reforms are implemented.


Have you been considering immigration ?

Lebanon is my journey, from the start to the finish line.


In these historic days, what would be your own « Declaration for Lebanon »?

As a Lebanese who lives and breathes agriculture, I only wish for my country to grow. Our land is fertile in all senses, let us plant the good seeds that are its people for they can grow deep and anchor strong roots only to bear the most fruitful trees for generations to come. I wish for a real chance to change.


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