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Meet the influencers: Ornella Najem


Ornella Najem, Consultant




How are you living your lockdown?

The first week was very tough, mainly because I assumed staying home and being away from my daily life will be boring, actually more like a nightmare. I am a very active person, I always keep myself busy, I have a full-time job and in parallel I am a studying for my fifth degree in law. I normally cease every opportunity to hang out with friends and socialize, I never paused my life, looked around and thanked God for the countless blessings I was taking for granted.


Looking at it now, I do not describe it as a “lockdown”, it is more like a much needed quality time with my family and self.

During quarantine, I try to keep my morals high, I wake up in the morning and motivate myself to get dressed and start remote working from home. If I am not working, I would be reading a course or two from my university program. Lunch and dinner every day with my family, gave us time to talk with no rush about limitless subjects and bond like never before.


Self-isolation gave me time to do my skin and hair care routines regularly, try to cook and not excel in it, workout every day via online exercise classes, play board games and feel like a kid again, watch the Netflix series I always said I will start but never did and most importantly organize my diet by eating home-made healthy food.


If this quarantine taught me something it would be that everything is temporarily and what really matters is a healthy and loving family.


From your active life, what do you miss the most?

I miss happy hours with my friends, going to restaurants and clubs with no worries and being the social butterfly I am, making conversations and brief encounters with strangers without feeling nervous about sickness and hospitalization.


What don't you miss?

I don’t miss the irritating morning alarm, the rush, feeling exhausted and stressed, the road traffic and noise pollution and having to make up excuses not to go out, lol.


How do you think life will be after Corona?

The COVID-19 outbreak is a lesson about humanity. Countries around the world have been racing towards who has a better economy, builds the tallest building, has the stronger military forces… it is literally a wakeup call to everyone that life on earth is deeper than that. It is about solidarity, fighting hand in hand through boundaries for a healthier life and

prosperous future, away from regional and international interests. Corona gave each and every person time to pause and think life is precious, let’s relish every tiny bit of it.


A word of encouragement to our readers

To everyone reading this, please remember it is just a phase. Don’t let your emotions drown you down, keep lifting yourself up, draw your dreams while at home so that once you’re out, you work hard and make them a reality.


A project you are currently working on ?

While in isolation, I had time to organize my thoughts and ideas that have always been there, disoriented. As Lebanon is going through its socio-political and economic crisis, I was torn between two conflicting scenarios: to leave my country behind and look elsewhere or come up with a plan that will give something back to my community and my country, be part of the young torch of hope Lebanon really needs. My project is still words on paper and I can’t wait to read this interview again, once it is out there!



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