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Meet the influencers: Lamice Joujou


Lamice Joujou, Co-founder of Dent De Lait




How are you living your lockdown?

As strange as it may sound, this lockdown has been one of the best periods of my life! It was a blessing for me! It’s been a long while I have been racing around from dusk to dawn, unable to find quality time for myself, my children or the people I love.

As soon as lockdown began, I started to experience a new meaning of TIME! I had TIME to enjoy my hobbies, TIME to spend with my children, TIME to work out, TIME to lazy-out , TIME to cook and finally TIME to work on my side hustle, something I had put under postponed-till-retirement folder!! I feel so relaxed , yet so productive and accomplished. I have read books like I haven’t in such a long time and connected with people through screen, I haven’t had TIME to connect with for ages!

I have to mention though that I haven’t watched the news at all, and zapped through all news-related posts or messages.

Yes, you can say that lockdown has put me inside a bubble and I loved it!


From your active life, what do you miss the most?

Well… I miss my parents, going out with my friends…I miss my team a lot and the children at the nursery, the fun events. Driving my car maybe but that’s about all!


What don't you miss?

The hustle and bustle, the traffic, the noise, the fast pace at the office and back to back meetings!


How do you think life will be after Corona?

Life will never be the same again, at least for me! I guess many of us had reflected deeply during confinement about how their lives used to be and how they want it to become. We have all reflected on how much we have been harming our planet and how we can become better people through few simple adjustments in our daily lives. I’m sure as well that many have reflected on the message behind Corona and have taken the time to think deeply into how this will make them grow and thus make them leave behind a lot of what they used to carry with them before Corona.

I know that my life after corona is a better version of my life before Corona, that’s for sure as there has been a great deal of awakening and I’m immensely grateful for that!


A word of encouragement to our readers

If you haven’t noticed that you were offered a gift through the lockdown start trying to see it in this perspective. Look a little bit closer a little bit deeper. As Tony Robbins said it:” Life is always happening for you not to you”! It’s always in your favor and there’s always something good out of it.

I would like to recommend a movie that is a gem to watch during lockdown: “Room”, and I guess it will give a total different meaning to your lockdown.


What are your future projects?

I have started to make my side hustle dream come true. I started writing children’s books, wrote two so far, and started my third. We are hopefully looking to publish early summer. This is actually the highlight of my lockdown!



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