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Meet the influencers: Hiba Dandachli


Hiba Dandachli, Social Entrepreneur & Activist  




How are you living your lockdown?

The first ten days were very tough and confusing. All the build up from the revolution and the socio-economic collapse came with a cherry on top called Covid-19. It felt like everything came crumbling down on us all at once. The shock was immense, but followed by acceptance and gratitude. I genuinely started embracing the stillness of my surroundings, the pause of our fast-paced lives, the beauty of mother nature… The time I was spending with my son is the most precious. We play boardgames, bake, cook, walk in nature and watch movies together. I came to know more about him than I did in the past 7 years of his life. 

This lockdown also gave me the priceless chance to reassess my life, the people in it, the quality of the conversations I engage in, the path I am committing to… I am spending a lot of time on social work and support of those in need during their hard times. 


From your active life, what do you miss the most? 

I would never give up my active life, in all its experiences and as fast and jam-packed as it was! But the one thing I miss the most is a genuine hug. I believe that there is nothing more powerful and beautiful than the exchange of energy in a hug especially when it’s from and to someone that matters in your life. 


What don’t you miss? 

Wow, there are so many things I don’t miss. I do not miss the stress, the chaos, the traffic, the pollution… I do not miss the constant race against time… 


How do you think life will be after Corona? 

I’m not sure how much real change will Corona maintain after its passing. What I’m sure of is that we will be more appreciative of one another, of life and of the little things that we used to take for granted. What I hope for is we walk into a more compassionate and kinder world; to each other, animals and mother nature. 


A word of encouragement to our readers.

This scary extreme uncertainty that you are living in is the same one lived by everyone else in the world. So, don’t feel alone…

No state is everlasting, and a brighter tomorrow will eventually shine through! You just need to believe and hold on to hope.


What are your future projects?

Currently working on @Minteshreen a movement that a few of my fellow friends and I have established after the revolution and that collaboratively works on political & social awareness and reform. 



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