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Meet the influencers: Aline Murr


Aline Murr, social media personality 



How are you living your lockdown? 

This lockdown has been a chance for me and my family to get more quality time together. I was able to take a step back from my busy schedule, and spend more time with the kids and Carl, and do fun confinement activities together, such as baking, coloring, and I even appeared in a couple of their ticktocks.


From your active life, what do you miss the most?

I miss the people I used to meet, the friends I used to see. It’s the interaction with others, talking to them, hugging them, and being close to the people I love the most. I miss the warmth I used to get when I used to hug someone I care about, and I cannot wait to do it again.


What don't you miss?  

I don’t miss the way I used to look at life. I guess what I am trying to say is that this time away from life’s troubles and everyday burdens, allowed me to take a step back and put everything in perspective. I was able to keep the good and get rid of the bad, whether it was material, social, or even from within me.


How do you think life will be after Corona?

It will be filled with gratitude and more beauty. I know that our country is going through a really tough time, but I also do believe that the Lebanese citizens never leave anyone behind, and that we are all willing to help each other, and make a positive impact.


A word of encouragement to our readers

See this time away from everything and everyone with a positive eye. Allow yourself to put yourself first, do the things you always wanted to do, or do nothing and just take a break. Focus on what brings you joy. To the Lebanese readers, do not give up on your country, it is far more than just its government, it is our people and our home.


What are your future projects?

I have started a segment, as part of MTV alive, every Saturday at 11:30. It’s a light and raw take into the lives of the most famous arab artist, be it actors, singers, make-up artists, and bloggers. In a 15 mins report, I take the audience into the personal lives of these celebrities and even into their homes. It is a fun and authentic look into who they really are. Also, a fun 15 minutes escape from all the troubles 2020 brought with it.



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