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Du 23/06/2023 à 20:30 jusqu'au 23/07/2023 à 20:30

From the depth of the ancient world, the Phoenician culture ascended to claim its dominion across the Mediterranean. 

At the sanctuary of Baalat Gebal, Goddess protector of the Phoenicians, Ahiram, aging lion of a king, searches to solidify his kingdom. He reaches out to the Dynasty of Egypt and its celebrated Pharoah Ramses II, and in allegiance, offers his daughter Cedrus in marriage to Amun-her-khepeshef, son of Ramses II.  
 From the Phoenician city, we are transported in time to a traditional Lebanese village where locals are gathered in the square chanting to the tunes of their heritage, when a dispute at the erupts between two competitive neighbourhoods. Laila, daughter of the modest peasant Handoumi, is approached by the handsome Mezyan, a young cavalier from the different side of the village.  


From Thursday to Sunday

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