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Visites Guidées

17/03/2023 à 17:00

The visit is free of charge - Booking is required.

Number of participants is limited.


The tour will be guided by Mansour El Habre.


Beau Négatif is a solo exhibition of works by Lebanese artist Mansour El Habre. The paintings experiment with the concept of space, stacking layers of abstract, pictorial elements that fuse together to create an illusion of a composition in flux. With spontaneous applications of colour and line, the artist pays tribute to the illustrious aesthetic of the Abstract Expressionists, with the purpose of eliciting emotion via non-representational art.


Mansour el Habre’s paintings blur the boundary between separation and unity. A kaleidoscope of chromatic entities morphs into one another, visually vibrating against the canvas’s flat surface, creating a dynamic, tactile surface. The longer the viewer studies the artworks, the more the tension between abstraction and naturalism becomes palpable. Elements of the paintings begin to come alive, with hints of human features peering through the sporadic characterization of shapes.


An infinite number of interpretations can be made surrounding the paintings and their conception. The narrative is left open to the viewer ’s imagination. The compositions represent a visual translation of the artist ’s subconscious mind, but also appear to be constructed with precision. They are expressive and soothing, and within their clutter and chaos, lie allure and calm. As such, Mansour el Habre transforms beauty into something purely conceptual, perceived through an objective lens, and expressed via an energetic exchange between art and reality.


Date : Friday 17 March 2023

Time: 5 pm

Place :  Art on 56th Gallery

Language: Arabic 

Duration: 1h00

Registration: (78) 959670 ;


Les visites guidées de l’Agenda Culturel sont organisées avec le support de Artscoops




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