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Du 04/07/2023 à 00:00 jusqu'au 29/07/2023 à 00:00

Khalid Al Mohannadi is a Qatari Portrait Photographer of 10 years, who has developed a personal and theme-driven style of storytelling through photography. His passion for storytelling around controversial issues, comes alive through a constant cycle of being inspired by the people, being inspired for the people, in order to be the one to inspire the people. His work is dark, thought-provoking, educational, performative and vulnerable, with a purpose to remind us humans, that we are stillhuman. 

In his first solo exhibition, Khalid will be showcasing his series “Twilight”, which tells the story of men and women and their relationships with each other and themselves, in parallel to the struggle behind gender roles in societies worldwide. The exhibition of 15 photographs will take you on a moral journey of the human experience- from psychological exploitation, to reflection and self-purification. 


With one camera and two lenses, Khalid created scenes that exhibit the compliances of conservative environments versus his wild imagination. Using conservativism against itself, he raises awareness around the defects in society that prevent us from evolving passed what was written for us, as men and women. The subjects are mostly covered to highlight anonymity, in order to communicate that this is a general human problem, and not specific to any one person. 


One of the most important photographs showcases a man with no face… this enhances the idea of a blank canvas, and an opportunity to rewrite how we treat each other and ourselves as men and women. Other photographs challenge the double standard between men and women today, the idea of male dominance, the notion that men shouldn’t cry, and how women should or should not be in relation to men and themselves. 


“If we go back to basics, when there was just man and woman… How did they deal with each other before society grew and created constructs? They communicated, they built, and they had survival instincts to protect each other. So, what went wrong? Why do men and women harm each other emotionally and physically? Why do we do the things we do?” – Khalid Al Mohannadi


Khalid believes darkness lies within us all, and he aims to find solutions to suffering through raising awareness by spotlighting human problems in the matrix of cultures, societies, and religions. 


DISCLAIMER: “Twilight” by Khalid Mohannadi is not produced and showcased to offend his own culture or religion. It is to simply challenge global societal pressures, created boundaries and definitions placed amongst men and women to act and feel certain ways. The clothing used in this series is only representing the culture that the photographer himself comes from, as this series is personal to him; it is not to offend his culture. He has created this series from his own personal experiences of agony. It’s not about where you’re from, it’s about how we treat each other, and how we can be better, kinder, and more compassionate as men and women. 



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