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Vernissage: 24/04/2024 à 19:00

Du 25/04/2024 à 11:00 jusqu'au 28/04/2024 à 21:00

Tripoli, which translates from Greek to "three cities", is the name of several places worldwide. The "Tripoli Triptych" exhibition features three Tripolis located in Lebanon, Poland and Libya as seen by Adam Styp-Rekowski, a native of the Polish Tripoli (Trójmiasto), who used to live in the Libyan Tripoli and who has known the Lebanese Tripoli for many years.


The three Tripolis share a great deal of similarities while being located on three different continents. They are all historic, significant ports with a rich and diverse past. Unfortunately, the Tripolitanians of the three cities know very little about each other and are often guided by misconceptions and ignorance rather than a sense of what they have in common, or how the differences could enrich them. The "Tripoli Triptych" seeks to foster understanding across the cities and the three countries. Hence it uses the triptych concept where all the three components are required to portray the entire picture and where elements of each city — people, history, customs, traditions, architecture, geography — blend into a tale of the Three Tripolis.


The exhibition is supported by the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Beirut, Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Beyt Café, Naseej and Dry&Raw.




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