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Du 13/10/2023 à 18:00 jusqu'au 23/10/2023 à 18:00

Lebanese Bulgarian

Sculptor , Painter , Architect & Author

Married & A Mom Of Two Angels

Nicky & Her Family Are Based Between Sofia Bulgaria Her Second Country &

Beirut Lebanon Her Birth Place And First Country, 

She Spent Her Teenage Years Discovering And  Getting Inspired By Several Cultures Mainly In Paris And Milan Which Were The Main Artistic Inspiration 


Nicky Has A Masters Degree In Architecture (Des), And A Degree In Fashion Design.  She Is A Blue Lover, Creative Dreamer, And A Lover Of Colors And Beauty.

She Strives To Make Her Love Of Life And Happiness Appear In Her Art. She Aspires To  Spark Feelings, Emotions, And Positive Vibes On Viewers With Her Paintbrush Through Her  Canvases. Therefore, She Always Believes In The Search Of Romantic Inspiration.


-Nicky Started Painting From A Young Age, And Intends To Pursue This Passion She Was Born  With.

Recently And After Being Passionately Interested In  The Sculpting World She Embarked On Her New Artistic Sculpting Journey And Rapidly Became Known By Her Special Pieces Handcrafted With Full Attention To Details And With Her Special Abstract Themes , 

Since Around 2019 Nicky Decided To Showcase Her Work More And Started Improving Daily Her Digital Presence

And Results Started Showing Quickly As She Got The Recognition She Deserves For Her Art

Getting Invitations To Multiple Exhibitions In Lebnanon & Abroad In World Renowned Venues And Events 

-Byblos International Festival

-Dubai Art Week At Expo 2020

-Galleria Azur Berlin

-Japan International Art Exhibition In Tokyo

-Dubai Art Nights Difc

& Many More

In Addition For A Wide Range Of Media Coverage & Exposure From Tv Interviews , Magazine Articles And More

-Elle Bulgaria ,Special Madame Figaro , L’orient Le Jour , Forbes Middle East , Mtv Lebanon , Lbci Lebanon , Osn ….


Nicky’s Dream Is To Let You See Beauty And Happiness Through Her Work, She Always  Believes That Both Architecture And Art Convey The Same Desire, And She Often Feels As If  She Is In A Perpetual Search For Colors. She Has Traveled To The Greatest Cities Of The World,  Such As Sofia, Prague, Varadero, Cancun, Maldives, Portofino, Paris, Rome, And Venice.

She Has Visited Many Museums, Historical Monuments, And Galleries.  She Believes That Art Feeds The Soul.

-Nicky Trusts That Colors Affect People’s Moods. Every Part Of Her Artist Life Is Affected By  Her Colors, Especially By Her Emotions, Because Colors Are The Essence Of Her Craft.

For Nicky, Each Painting & Sculpture Has A Story And Feeling. In Fact, Her Work Communicates How  She Sees The World By Beauty, Colors, Happiness, And Peace.


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