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Du 07/05/2024 à 15:00 jusqu'au 18/05/2024 à 19:00

Chaque Mardi, Mercredi, Jeudi, Vendredi et Samedi jusqu'au 18 mai 2024

L’atelier by Maher Attar is thrilled to invite you to the first solo exhibition “LES OUBLIÉS” by Mirna Maalouf, curated by Muriel Asmar starting May 8th, 2024


Lebanese artist Mirna Maalouf’s creations are a beautiful blend of nostalgia and contemporary art. Through a captivating fusion of transferred photographs and painting, she tells her stories employing a distinctive technique that involves scratching and transfer—a method she discovered through her experiments.


Mirna’s path was an unconventional one, having pursued initially a Ph.D. in Criminal Law (2008) followed by a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology (2016) and then a Bachelor’s degree in Plastic Arts (2020) from the Sorbonne in Paris. It is within the realm of Plastic Arts that she discovered her true calling.


Her artistic journey has been punctuated by exhibitions in various galleries and art spaces in both Lebanon and France:


Mirna Maalouf’s work unravels profound messages and at times, anecdotal tales. Her distinctive fusion involves revisited cartoon characters, discarded objects, tiny creators and reworke photography, guiding the viewer into enchanting realms of imagination and emotion



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