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"Why do I draw my city? What is my city, and who is it? Not the shattered ruins or the wounded streets, but the city of my imagination that I bring to life on canvas. A city of hope and resilience, rising from the ashes of tragedy.


When Beirut was rocked by a devastating shock and its people were left to face the aftermath, I could not accept the bitter reality. So I delved into my imagination, painted my city's buildings with a brush, and filled its walls with vibrant colors. My city, my creation, my vision for the future.


To rebuild my city, I drew inspiration from the crowded warehouses of Beirut's port, a symbol of the city's history and spirit. With each stroke of my brush, I built walls of hope and joy, rejecting any form of destruction.

So now, to my city, I say that nothing but the joy of colors, dance to the rhythms of life, and the resilient spirit of its people befits you. Join me in exploring the city of my imagination, a city of beauty and strength that rises from the ashes."


Fadwa Zbib 

B. 1968 Fadwa Zbib is a Lebanese visual artist born in Beirut. She is a graduate of the Institute of Fine Arts and holds a Diploma in Higher Studies (DES) in Drawing from the Lebanese University, a Master's degree from alba - Balamand University in Lebanon, and a PhD in Art and Art Sciences from the Lebanese University's Doctoral Institute.

Zbib has been passionate about art since childhood, which served as a refuge for her to overcome the crises and wars she experienced in her homeland from a young age. For her, art is a means of expressing her innermost thoughts and ideas.

She has participated in several group exhibitions in Lebanon and abroad, as well as solo exhibitions, and has lectured as a fine arts professor at various institutes and universities for a period of 2 years.

Zbib has used various techniques, including oil, watercolor, acrylic, and silk- screen printing, to explore a wide range of subjects in her artistic journey. Beyond the creative process, Zbib believes that art is a feeling and a passion that refines the soul and uplifts the spirit.




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