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De Terre et de Matière, Faille II, Tamara Haddad


Du 14/12/2021 à 00:00 jusqu'au 30/01/2022 à 00:00

Earth, Soil, Rocks, Forests, Oceans... elements that surpass us with their

immensity while encircling us, present and absent at the same time. 

Strong and fragile in the face of time and human expansion.


The Earth is threatened: a million species on the brink of extinction,

destruction of marine and biome ecosystems, large scale deforestation,

glaciers melting, ocean levels on the rise, wildfires, pollution, global

warming... We have exhausted all of our resources.


Will we ever be able to go back and find balance with the earth?

Will she find it on her own?


A lot of questions, and definitely denial.

Nature’s beauty is evident in all her forms, seasons, colours, terrains and



Inspired by her visits to the mountains of Lebanon and abroad, Tamara

Haddad forges her landscapes using dark oils, clay, tree bark, sand, wood,

and straw to deliver apocalyptic yet fragile horizons where the sky meets

the sea. Nature’s beauty and its destruction have thus become the main

theme in Haddad’s artworks.


“Today, through this new series, I come back to the origin of the Earth, I

question its material, the way it’s formed, its reliefs and its colours. I search

for the beauty of rocky landscapes, the infinity of hues and textures.”





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