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Du 16/05/2024 à 18:00 jusqu'au 06/06/2024 à 18:00

Belvedere Art Space is pleased to Announce The Solo Exhibition “Beyond The Surface” The vibrant world of Celio Koko. The exhibition will open on the 16th of May from 6:00 to 9:00 pm and be on view until the 6th of June, 2024.

Presenting a solo exhibition by Belgian born contemporary artist Celio Koko, a master of sketching and giving life to vibrant characters born from the depths of his imagination. With each stroke of his brush, Koko brings to life strong fearless personalities that defy societal norms and expectations. These colorful characters, rich in detail and emotion, take viewers into a world where individuality reigns supreme and conformity is left behind.

Koko’s artwork offers a fresh and dynamic perspective on the complexities of human nature. His sketches resonate with authenticity, capturing the essence of each character’s unique journey and spirit. Through “Beyond the Surface,” Koko challenges us to embrace our own uniqueness, to celebrate the diversity of human experience, and to appreciate the power of art to inspire change and provoke thought. Join us on this captivating exploration of imagination and individuality, where characters unfold in the lines drawn by a visionary artist.

Artist Statement

Sometimes, it takes a moment of inspiration, to get free from all what sets us back. Freedom hence, is a genuine expression, and a thought imagined, then lived. Celio Koko, has found the freedom of mind in the art studio, where he enters in his world of vivid colours, biomorphic forms, and modern compositions. When he starts his painting, he lays down his impression as an abstraction on the blank canvas. He then starts to highlight the figures and shapes that speak to him, exteriorizing his thoughts and projecting himself onto the work. Getting what he calls "flashes of finished paintings" which he's never seen before, his artwork gradually builds up, as if a puzzle that needs to be solved. Never planning the end result, but gradually working towards it. Celio combines multiple mediums and techniques. Using acrylics, inks, charcoal, oil paints, spray paint, oil sticks, gesso, pencils, etc. every colour in his painting is an unaccustomed mixture that's rarely repeated. Whether in paintings or in sculptures, Celio's figures always convey a theatrical scene, leaving the observer thinking of the potential scenarios going on between them. These characters often adopt a tropical and a tribal look in a vivid raw environment. Drawing a thin line between fun and conservatism, happiness and sadness, peace and irritation, shadow and light, Koko's journey continues to irradiate the freedom of expression with the genuineness of human emotions


Celio Koko, is a contemporary Belgian-Lebanese artist who rose to success in his third decade. His work pays tribute to the neo-expressionist movement with an impactful presence of abstract figurative art. His career is a result of a never ending journey of experimentation. Born in Belgium, on the 13th of July,1983, then moved to Africa and lived between Uganda, Tanzania and Congo for about 8 years. During that time, he developed a long-lasting relationship with nature and tribal life, which would have an influence on his work in the future. Around the age of 27, and after a near-death experience, Celio has been inspired to find his passion through art. In the beginning, he regarded the creative process as an escape to a better reality, before embracing it later on as a way of self actualization. Koko's artistic identity is a mere freedom in expressing one's self, rejecting all boundaries and refusing a defined classification. Using multiple mediums and techniques, and through extensive practice, he succeeded in carving a prosperous path in the current art scene. Composing both, two and three dimensional artworks, he plays around with colors, shapes and compositions. After participating in collective and solo exhibitions, he has been represented by several prestigious galleries like Aout gallery and Belvedere art space. Celio's artworks have been acquired by many art lovers and his works are now a part of many private collections all around the globe. Now, and after 5 years of consistency in his studio, Celio's passion for art is growing bigger, developing what might well be a unique line of visual expression.

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