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BEIRUT ART DAYS: “Faith in the forming”, Laura J. Braverman, Amy Todman, Afaf Zurayk


03/07/2024 de 16:00 à 19:00

For the painters and poets of Faith in the Forming painting and poetry share an equal weight, though not to be measured on a scale. Rather the balance is in knowing what is already there, what is coming from within. A word can be placed beside every painting, but this is hardly the point. Instead, a painting or poem might arrive alongside its neighbour, suggesting itself perplexedly. Indeed, painting and word, though related, reach toward singular spaces, unfolding together yet retaining their difference.

This exhibition will run till July 31.
Gallery opening hours:
Tuesday-Friday 11 am-6 pm, Saturdays 11 am-4 pm

For more info: @beirutartdays

This event is supported by our lead Partner @dafbeirut

Organized by @Agenda Culturel



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