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BEIRUT ART DAYS: “Because the grass doesn’t think about its garden”, Rola El Hussein


03/07/2024 de 10:00 à 18:00

In the last year El Hussein has moved from the small scale to the large, from the solitude of an everyday life of coffee cups, trees and discarded strappy sandals, to a sensual garden union, a love story lived outside. It is her garden, we imagine, under her own sky. 


Something is underneath,

a foot is being laced into a transparent shoe, 

the layers of a story playfully constructed. 


Two tongues twist together. This should be a portrait of erotic play, yet somehow it is not. These tongues are without mouths, faces, detached from themselves in finding each other. In fact, this artist seems most attracted to the interplay of objects, the way a tongue can look as it moves against another, more than the expression of the feeling of contact, intimacy, desire.  


This exhibition has been extended specially for Beirut Art Days and will run till July 6. 

Gallery opening hours:
Wednesday-Friday 10am-6pm, Saturdays 10am-4pm

For more info: @beirutartdays

This event is supported by our lead Partner @dafbeirut

Organized by @Agenda Culturel



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