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Du 24/05/2023 à 18:00 jusqu'au 31/05/2023 à 18:00

Born and based in Beirut, Claude has always been passionate about the painting world. Claude’s evolution into abstract and modern painting allowed her to refine her skills, discover new techniques and widen the range of her talent further.


As a child, Claude received prizes for her innate talent. From a young age she has seen art as an emotional escape, where you can create anything. After graduating high school, she enrolled in the Michael Angelo school of Arts.


During the different stages of her life, she explored several painting styles until she became attracted to contemporary art. She found that abstract and mixed media are the perfect techniques to convey her vision of the real world. In each painting, she combines drawing and collage, different stroking techniques where the bold use of contrasting colors expresses the vibrant essence and atmosphere of her surroundings.


In many of her artworks, Claude uses the female figure as she often translates her own life experiences onto the canvas, where she displays her passions, pains and changing states of mind.


In her recent work, Claude ventured into a new style where she's experimenting with abstract expressionism. She often relies on improvisation and spontaneity where the emphasis on energetic gesture reflects her inner source and visual realities.


Claude Saba’s artworks are  permanently  displayed  at  Claude Saba’s    Gallery,   as   they   have   been  exhibited  at Arthaus Beirut,

Art Gallery, Rebirth Beirut and LAU New York.


Curator's statement:


"When you reach into the deepest parts within yourself you get in touch with emotions and feelings that somehow trickle through the hand and the brush and the paint onto the canvas.  This is the reflection of those inner emotions."



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