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Du 07/12/2022 à 00:00 jusqu'au 31/12/2022 à 00:00

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ART DISTRICT Gallery is pleased to host the first photography solo exhibition of Youmna Chami Clémençot “TRAVELLER” from December 6th, until December 31st, 2022


In a world where aesthetics is a despotic king, where one sometimes go into debt to access an invented beauty, Traveller takes us to distant lands, where beauty has a completely different flavor, a completely different value and quite another definition...

There, beauty is found in the simple intensity of a look, in the colors that people have chosen to cherish, in the majesty of nature that constitutes their honor, in the song of a bird...

There is, in Traveller, this urgency to observe everything to capture The Moment, often ephemeral, to be able to share what not everyone has the chance to see, especially nowadays, in a Lebanon struggling to live...

Youmna Chami Clémençot is a travel enthusiast, the most distant, the most bizarre, the one that does not necessarily exist in tourist guides.


YCC is an interior designer and passionate about art in general.

Born during the war in Lebanon, art very quickly offered itself to her as an escape.

First the poets Brassens, Barbara and Brel who taught her the Words that she started to write to tell herself stories and get out of the ambient gloom. Then came the cinema in which she immersed herself excessively by watching films from all over the World.

It was not until 2004, when she undertook her first remote journey to Vietnam, that her eyes went into a state of alert, impressed by this cultural novelty that she was discovering.

As soon as she got back home, she had to leave again, somewhere else, further away, less obvious, sometimes even more dangerous, to capture everything, freeze the detail, photograph the moment, share her rich tribulations and honor these people who hardly resemble her… They enrich her and nourish her soul.

She fell into the “pot” of travel and she still struggling to get out of it. In vain…



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