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Du 16/03/2023 à 17:00 jusqu'au 26/03/2023 à 17:00

An exhibition revisiting the journey of the Committee of the Families of the Kidnapped and Disappeared in Lebanon.


It is the timeline

Of a beautiful woman who was 30 and now is 70 years old. She used to smile peacefully at life before pain hung on her face like laundry hangs to dry.  

A nightmare raids her day and night: she suffocates as if something is devouring her from the inside. She feels the wait is never-ending, neither time passes, nor the wound heals.  

It is the timeline  

Of a state that never wanted to search for its disappeared, neither its citizens nor other residents. It swiftly pardoned the criminals and gave them absolute power. It thought the parents are destined to forget and can be bought.


 It did not realize the beast will destroy it as well, and it did, and only resolving the cause of the disappeared guarantees its rebuilding.  

It is the timeline

Of a committee that wished it never was. Yet since it was forced to be, it became the collective of all confessions and nationalities.


The pain, and this state, caused it to become indestructible. Working alone for 40 years, carving into rock with the pace of an ant. Its work helped an implicit then a disavowing society, one that forgot to awaken.  

This exhibition is a “timeline” to recover the path of a cause, and document a struggle.  

It is a tribute to all the forgotten disappeared of Lebanon, and of our Arab world.  

It is a gift to the families and supporters of the cause we lost over the past four decades.  

May this exhibition contribute to holding the state responsible, to enforce the law and bring an end to a tragedy, who’s victims have suffered long enough.



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