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Du 29/11/2023 à 18:00 jusqu'au 29/12/2023 à 18:00

Abdallah Kassem (Lebanese), born in Ivory Coast in 1985, is a dentist and a contemporary visual artist based in Beirut, Lebanon. His art practice started in 2017 when he enrolled at the Lebanese University of Fine Arts. During this time, he improved his art skills while working with his mentor Lebanese-American artist Ara Azad.

When Covid-19 pandemic emerged, he started using a thermal camera, which led him to explore the intimacy of temperature and the thermal prints created between materials and the human body. From this perspective, he started creating installations with intimate spaces that could be visited and explored.

In 2023, Kassem started collaborating with fellow artists from Lebanon, Palestine and Germany. Together, they offered workshops and performed live virtual experiences, pushing the boundaries of contemporary art and fostering creative connections across borders.


«In April 2023, I woke up on the shores of the Red Sea to a golden sun. Hazy blue mountains slowly appeared as if rising from the water, a still capsule of time traveling through the warmth of the visible light spectrum, of which I fell asleep beneath the shadowed mountains of the sunset. Returning to the Dahab-Nuweibaa road, I encountered an ochre and burnt umber desert landscape. »



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