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The Forest, Ralph Hage


Du 12/10/2023 à 04:30 jusqu'au 11/11/2023 à 04:30

To view things as a forest - the human mind, a society containing it, an environment containing these, the laws of nature controlling all - is a close approximation to truth. We see glimpses of it through forms, only one of its manifestations. We hold its ferocity at bay. Through Art, we build fictional worlds allowing for beliefs, organizing our conducts as the forest.


Ralph Hage is tenured full-professor in the Lebanese University’s Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture. His work has been presented in museums and galleries around the world, including New York, Montreal and Beirut. His formal education includes an M.A. in History of Art and Ph.D. in Semiology. His current art project centers on art as world-building. His other research interests include the role of art in identity formation, the origins and foundations  of modernity, and the possible effects of the numeric revolution.

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