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Dancing has been a lifelong passion of mine, dating back to the early days of my childhood when I found myself captivated by the rhythms and movements of music. To me, dancing is more than just a form of physical expression. It's a human cry that exceeds the limitations of words and transcends cultural and language barriers. When I watch someone dance, I see a new dialogue unfolding before me, one that I may not have seen before and is certainly difficult to forget. The movements of the body convey emotions and ideas that words simply cannot express, and it's this ability to communicate without words that truly fascinates me. It serves as a conduit for achieving unity and harmony among the various facets of ourselves, fostering a deeper connection with the world around us. I believe this is because dance is a form of human art that enables us to express ourselves in a manner that is eloquent and universal. 


But for me, dancing is more than just a state of expression dependent on the details of the body. It's a way of extracting what is hidden and what is true, of finding the lightness and freedom that we all seek. Through dancing, I am able to tap into my imagination and consciousness, and to express myself through movement and rhythm. Ultimately, dancing is a celebration of life and of the human spirit. It's a way of connecting with ourselves and with others, and of finding joy and meaning in the world around us. Whether we are dancing alone or with others, we are creating something beautiful and unique that resonates with the deepest aspects of our humanity. "So close, So far away" - a paradoxical dance echoing the complexities of existence.



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