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NLP Practitioner Certification from UK & USA


20/03/2022 à 09:30

NLP Practitioner Training Certified by the International Union Of NLP (IUNLP) in the UK & The American Union Of NLP (AUNLP) LIVE INTERACTIVE COURSE - Every saturday in March 2022 And ONLINE interactive course - Every Sunday for 4 weeks starting 20 March 2022 I Have Learned Academy

Welcome to the world of the New Generation of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).
NLP is the art of modeling excellence, communicating, and succeeding. NLP is considered the human brain catalog and the science of human excellence.

In this seminar, you will widen your vision and your knowledge where you will go beyond the traditional NLP techniques to dive into the new methodology.
You will discover your inner powers and learn how to use them on a daily

Learn how to:
- Enhance your sales & presentation skills.
- Establishing better rapport with others, You will be a better communicator.
- Control your time – Advanced time management techniques.
- Discover your potential, to know what you can do.
- Solve conflicts in business and personal life.
- Become more organized and a great planner
- Boost your confidence
- Change your unwanted behavior
- Generate new positive and effective behaviors
- Control your feelings, turn the negative to positive.
- Overcome your fears, learn how to take steps forward.

- Successful attendees will be certified by the international union of NLP and the American union of NLP as NLP practitioners
- All Attendees will be listed on the IUNLP and AUNLP websites as NLP practitioners
- Many more exciting positive changes in your life

Who needs to learn NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
- Sales people
- Managers
- Team leaders
- Business directors
- Business owners
- Business consultants
- Life coaches
- Psychiatrists
- Psychotherapists
- Doctors
- Lawyers
- Teachers
- Professors
- Parents and everybody who wants to feel amazing

Benefits of NLP
Business Development
- Improve sales people skills
- Improve managerial skills
- Improve leadership skills
- Build rapport with your staff, clients, and providers
- Communicate effectively to your staff, clients, and providers
- Develop presentation skills
- Develop public speaking skills
- Develop planning skills, define your targets and generate new
behaviors among your team
- Set & establish achievable goals
- Control and manage your time – Advanced time management
- Maximize your focus, energy, and positivity
- Remove limiting beliefs
- Enhance advanced negotiating and influencing techniques
- Apply effective problem-solving techniques and be part of the
solution and not part of the problem
- Maximize your performance

- Eliminate your unwanted behaviors
- Understand others map
- Generate new behaviors
- Choose your mental, emotional and physical states at any time!
- Reduce stress
- Increase energy
- Communicate more effectively with anyone you meet
- Communicate more effectively with yourself
- Remove limiting beliefs
- Access powerful internal resources
- Get the results you want– Control your life and achieve success

Topics of NLP Certification Seminar

The seminar focuses on introducing the New Generation of NLP and discusses how the mind works and why NLP can help people change or achieve results. The seminar also introduces basic and powerful NLP techniques that will consequently give the participants an advantage in everyday life
when dealing with people around them in any situation.

The Seminar will include the following topics:
- Introduction to NLP
- Discover your brain
- The CFSTP transition protocol
- Tools
- Functionality
- Analysis process
- Storing
- Actions
- Reactions
- Recalling
- Patterns
- Programming
- Reprogramming
- Rapport
- Sensory Acuity
- Opening your senses
- Eye Accessing cues
- The representational Systems
- Sensory perceptual strategies
- Sub Modalities
- States of Excellence
- Major Presuppositions of NLP
- Meta Models
- Information Gathering
- Anchoring
- Chaining Anchors
- Behavior Transfer
- Time perception
- Timeline shapes and directions
- Changing Personal History
- Eliminating Fears and Phobias
- Building Self Confidence
- Eliminating fears
- The visual squash with regression
- Swish pattern
- Godiva chocolate
- New behavior generator
- Re-parenting
- Mending broken hearts
- 6 steps reframing
- Developing self-appreciation
- Metaphor for change
- Three universal modeling processes
And more.

Trainer's Bio:
The training is delivered by an expert in the field and Master trainer in NLP
Author of End of PTSD era using NLP, the new generation and NLP
geometric techniques - Shape your feelings

Founder ofthe International Union of NLP - IUNLP in the UK and creator of the ATH (Advanced Time Healing), and developer of the new Generation Of NLP, that proved to be powerful in NLP work.

A public Speaker and a private Success and achievement coach, and NLP coach.

He is also an International Advisor at European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

Booking information

For fees and booking:

Call OR WhatsApp +961.3.614493

Coffee breaks and lunch included.

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