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Du 11/07/2024 à 18:00 jusqu'au 15/07/2024 à 19:00

Memento Mori: Unfinished Dialogues is a creative participatory project that aims at triggering openness and inter-Lebanese discussions on major challenges related to freedom of expression. By introducing nuances where systematized constraints prevail, the project ambitions to dismantle invisible barriers and facilitate genuine dialogue.

"Memento Mori: Unfinished Dialogues" seeks to counteract the current climate of discomfort and uncertainty in Lebanon by inviting artists to explore resilience, transformation, and identity. With state-sponsored censorship (and self-censorship from artists) drastically rising and political narratives becoming more and more polarized (hence deliberately creating new tensions), this exhibition encourages introspective and imaginative narratives, as well as socio-political commentary through art.

The concept of "Memento Mori," a reminder of mortality, resonates deeply with the Lebanese people amid fear and instability, urging a freedom in creative expression, stripped from all forms of censorship. This project aims to challenge preconceived dominant narratives, fostering an ever-evolving conversation that transcends boundaries and continues the unfinished Lebanese dialogue. Thus, the team behind the project strives to establish a connection through art between Lebanese of different backgrounds and points of view.

"Memento Mori: Unfinished Dialogues" includes an exhibition and open round-table discussions. For the latter, visitors can directly take part in debates and discussions with each other with suggested subjects and topics prepared by the curating team. This project is curated by Daoud Andos, Ghiwa Tayar, Camille Hajjar and Ghassan Salem. The event is part of the Master's program in Art Criticism and Curatorial Studies at USJ.



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