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Life Testimony


16/09/2023 à 10:00

On Saturday, September 16, 2023, between 10 am and 6?pm, you are welcome to relay your “Life Testimony” of your personal experience and memories that you have had at the Mikhaïl Naimy Mimasuna Zalka home that has moved to Mtayleb in December 2018 and has become the home-museum.


All your testimonies at the Mikhaïl Naimy Mimasuna home-museum in Mtayleb are video recorded in order to archive and safe-keep for the coming generations.


If you are not in Lebanon, please send to the following email address a recorded video (not exceeding two minutes) that documents your experience in the Mikhaïl Naimy Mimasuna Zalka home:, or to the What’s App of the following number:



What memories do you have of Mikhaïl Naimy in his Zalka home, of May there in that home, of Suha there as well, where the three were the one family, the Mimasuna family?


Let the world know about your experience, and let your experience be saved in the eternal records of time and beyond…


The location of the Mikhaïl Naimy Mimasuna home-museum in Mtayleb is:


Google Maps:

Mikhaïl Naimy Mimasuna home-museum.  The location is 100% accurate.


If you are lost, please contact Suha on the aforementioned phone number.


Kindly share this post with all the people and friends you know who have had an experience and a memory in Mikhaïl Naimy Mimasuna Zalka home, to be recorded at the Mikhaïl Naimy Mimasuna home-museum in Mtayleb.


Your presence is valued, and you are most welcome.



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