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Du 18/11/2021 à 18:00 jusqu'au 06/02/2022 à 18:00

“Joan Ill’s work implies reflexive revision of the concept of painting, questioning its limits while at the same time investigating and delving into its intrinsic possibilities and revealing its less evident side. He disrupts the usual perception of space and matter, turns the pictorial language upside down and offers us that which is usually hidden, the back room of the show.
His works manifest a marked sense of balance, expressive restraint and sobriety. He’s not satisfied with the obvious, yet he expresses himself with a meridian clarity that affects both form and content.

Always within the admirable sense of coherence that shows throughout his career, his recent production shows a splendid maturity, an increasingly subtle and refined use of his characteristic tools: transparency, hybridization with the photographic language, the combination of the manual with the technological… so that he manages, -especially in his diptychs and triptychs- to transmit, to communicate something new, a deep sense of purity, an atmosphere impregnated with spirituality and transcendence.” 



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