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Du 01/06/2024 à 10:00 jusqu'au 15/06/2024 à 19:00

Repentance (n.): the action of repenting; sincere regret or remorse.
After every shortcoming, one must repent. Again and again.
In an attempt to shed her past wrongdoings in Trance, Aya Nadera Zantout will dissect repentance, word by word, then build it back up, word by word. Taking place over the course of a full day, the durational performance will act as an extension of her work on repetitive processes in spirituality, this time inviting onlookers into the normally private practice.

Aya Nadera Zantout is a multidisciplinary artist and architect from Beirut. She dedicates much of her creative and professional work to navigating the intersections of art, history, the built environment, and identity in its myriad layers. Aya’s work draws on personal and familial archives to deconstruct belonging in its various forms. A photographer, painter, and printmaker amongst other things, she has participated in multiple collective shows in Beirut and Europe.



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