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In the Rift, Where Time Is Suspended


Du 01/06/2022 à 12:00 jusqu'au 15/07/2022 à 12:00

Join us for the opening of the collective exhibition "في الصدع، حيث الوقت معلق" (In the Rift, Where Time Is Suspended), on Wednesday, June 1, from 12 to 8pm, at Galerie Janine Rubeiz.

You are also invited to join us for a brunch accompanying the opening event, starting 12pm.

Participating Artists:
Joseph Harb | Christine Kettaneh | Elissa Raad | Renoz | Adlita Stephan | Alain Vassoyan | Maha Yammine

"Humanized barking dogs, dehumanized fragmented bodies, psychedelic letterings, nonsensical games, nonsensical all are gathered in a space, in some spot of the crevasse where time is deformed; where all aspects of life have become strange and out of the ordinary, as chaos is the order; where the creative act is crushed by the absurdity of producing art.

Art. Yes, it has become incongruous within the fatal anarchy. Within the slow spectacular carnage. Time is pending, life is pending, the universe is pending.
Art-making, the result of amassed years of observation, the depiction of the observed things, add another perforation, holes in the walls of memory and time.

Let there be an absurd display of art over a vanishing land, over our worthless bodies. A salute to the devastating madness."



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