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'How to wear a briefcase' photo exhibition by Christian Springer and Albert Kapfhammer


Du 14/07/2023 à 00:00 jusqu'au 23/07/2023 à 00:00

“How to wear a briefcase” - The German Artist Christian Springer (comedy, writer) and founder of Orienthelfer NGO will be inaugurating his first photo exhibition in Beirut. This event will showcase 28 captivating photographs captured by Albert Kapfhammer.


28 black and white photos. There is no bare skin to be seen, but a bag on a man’s head: he is sitting by the river, shopping, crossing the street, reading. Everyday live. He cannot know what he’s doing or where he is. Smell nothing. But what does it mean? A symbol of Guantanamo prison or the Elephant man from David Lynch? Wearing a briefcase on your head limits your senses. The German artist Christian Springer says: “People lose their senses. Senses for behavior, environment, politics, justice, solidarity.” The political comedian from Munich gives his satirical answer to our time.


With a briefcase on his head, he roams through everyday scenes, and the mixture of reality and comedy calls for reason in threatening times. For the bag on the head is not an idea of Christian Springer. In the 1960s, there was a serious appeal from the government: if nuclear war comes, wear a briefcase. “Then you survive”, said a governmental brochure.


“They thought we were stupid. The only way to survive a nuclear war is: not to have a nuclear war.”, Springer laughs. Photographer Albert Kapfhammer transformed the absurd scenes from everyday life into remarkable black-and-white photographs. Back in Germany in August 2023 the photos expecting numerous exhibitions in Bavaria.


Christian Springer 

Christian Springer was born in Munich on New Year's Eve 1964. He studied Semitic studies and literary history, but dropped out shortly before finishing his studies to become a comedian. In addition to touring with cutting-edge political cabaret programs, he has his own monthly show on television – since ten years. Christian Springer organizes events on the culture of remembrance and in 2012 founded the aid organization Orienthelfer NGO, which has its base in Lebanon. He has received numerous awards for his artistic and humanitarian work, including the European Medal, the Bavarian Constitutional Medal, and the "München leuchtet" medal in gold. Christian Springer lectures brought him to the German Bundestag and the European Parliament. As an author, Christian Springer has now written twelve books. He first came to Lebanon as a young student in 1990. Over 5,000 performances in theatres.


Albert Kapfhammer

Born and raised in Passau on the Bavarian-Austrian border, on the road with camera since youth, lives and works in Munich. As a social educator and cultural organizer mainly photographic activities for the professional context with various publications and exhibitions. Currently working as a photographer on a book series on intercultural communication. With Christian Springer since 2022 working on the photo project "How to wear a briefcase". Married, two adult children, two grandchildren. Christian Springer and Albert Kapfhammer have been working together for more than thirty years.




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