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Dod El Kasr


Du 01/08/2021 à 00:00 jusqu'au 31/08/2021 à 00:00

“Dod El Kasr” is a new play produced by Homemade Theater. This play is written by Homemade theater Troupe and will be performed by troupe members.

This play is taking place in a time where every Lebanese feels sorrowful for a long time. S/He's life is full of bitter suffering, social, and economic crises that started many years ago up till now. However, human nature, persistence, and the will to live are the motive for survival and continuity. "Dod El Kasr" will allow us to share our interior grief and spread it loudly.     
This play is considered as one of the street theater types, written by members of the Homemade Theater Troup, and directed by Shadi Al-Haber, Director, Homemade Theater Founder, and Owner.


For more info contact : +961 3 082371




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