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Du 01/03/2024 à 12:00 jusqu'au 15/03/2024 à 12:00


In ‘Blooming Emotions’, Aline Abi Fadel’s latest exhibition, emotions are explored as delicate yet

resilient flowers, each stroke on canvas a testament to the turbulent yet beautiful nature of human

feelings. Through a masterful use of color and form, Abi Fadel invites us to witness the blooming

of emotions—both joyful and sensual—as they unfold in the garden of our hearts. This collection

is a celebration of the human experience, where every petal represents a story, a moment, a

memory, in the ever-evolving garden of our lives.


After exhibiting in Venice International Art Fair in 2021, Abi Fadel pushed the boundaries of

traditional art forms, inviting viewers to explore the depths of their imagination and embrace the

power of abstract art. ‘Blooming Emotions’ is a reflection of the spirit of exploration and discovery

that lies at the heart of abstract expressionism.


Abi Fadel’s art involves building layer upon layer, a technique that allows the expression of a

multitude of emotions, she carefully considers the placement of each stroke and color to evoke a

sense of movement and energy. This approach results in a three dimensional and textured

surface, inviting viewers to explore the intricate details and hidden depths within each artwork.


A striking element of “Blooming Emotions” is the presence of breathing white canvases. These

blank spaces, seemingly untouched, act as silent witnesses to the artistic process and encourage

contemplation. They serve as a reminder that art is not only about what is visible but also

about the spaces in between – the pauses, the breaths, and the unspoken emotions that are

often left to the imagination of the beholder.



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