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10/05/2021 à 00:00

    (UN)COMMON GROUNDS follows four individuals in their attempt to relive fleeting moments from a past life, a life that once was and can no longer be. One inflection point after another, a new reality has settled while memories still lurk in the empty corridors. Entangled and once again disentangled, these individuals lose grip of what initially brought them together, unable to find a common ground from which to comprehend this new reality. Reveries of the past animate worn-down walls and crumbling foundations as the four dancers slowly descend further and further into a rabbit-hole.


    Choreographer: Klevis Elmazaj

    Performers: Leen Kalo, Lori Kharpoutlian, Mohamad Naamani, & Reem Naamani

    Director & Editor: Nicolas Cardahi

    Director of Photography & Camera Operators: Karim Ghorayeb & Bachar Khattar

    Assistant Camera: Samer Sardouk

    Producer: Reem Naamani

    Music: Luca Longobardi, Vladimir Kurumilian, & Township Rebellion

    Mixing and Mastering: Ziad Moukarzel

    Rehearsal Director: Jadd Tank

    Text: Lori Kharpoutlian

    Translation: Rim Chamseddine


    Link: https://vimeo.com/513279027

    Password: groundzero







    Event side1 (square shape or rectangular where the height is bigger than the width)
    Event side2 (square shape or rectangular where the height is bigger than the width)