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22/07/2021 à 20:30
Jusqu'au 25/07/2021

    “will you look me in the eyes?

    i’ll do the same

    may be then we can breathe out

    that breath we held

    for far too long”


    *   that breath we held…                             

    A performance directed by: Alaa Minawia

    A collaboration with Vladimir Kurumilian & Ahmed Amer

    For an explosion to happen, the air is first sucked into the source of the explosion and then released out with total destruction. On the 4th of August 2020, the air in Beirut was sucked out. The city held its breath and till this moment many could not breath out. The shock is beyond.

    “That breath we held...'' is a performance about the implications of the 4th of August Beirut Explosion; an unimaginable collective trauma.

    The performance asks one question: “How can we breathe out again?”


    We will ask you to share your story privately with us and we will try to transform what you tell us into a music piece and an illustration. We will not share what you write to us in public. E-mail: 

    We hope that you can share with us what you went through, we will try everything we can to cherish and honor your story.

    It is important to note that we do not assume any healing abilities. We ourselves are trying to deal with the implications of the explosion. We also firmly believe that heeling can only be achieved when justice is served.


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    35.000 LL

    Event side1 top (square shape or rectangular where the height is bigger than the width)
    Event side2 down (square shape or rectangular where the height is bigger than the width)